Domestic Sewage Treatment Systems Ireland

The Sepcon BAF has become synonymous with highly efficient waste water treatment systems over the last 25 years.

The Sepcon BAF is manufactured to the highest standards and is certified to both EN12566-3 and the new S.R.66 National Certification.

Our renowned direct one-to-one personal service, high quality sewage systems & extremely competitive prices means – you need look no further!

This page contains details about the Domestic Sepcon BAF Sewage Treatment System. If you have any questions please feel free to contact us through the chat feature or call Stephen on 086-0800225 or Paul on 087-1311241

The Sepcon BAF System is proven for over 25 years as Ireland’s leading Sewage Treatment System.

What’s included with a Sepcon BAF:

  • Tank made from Super Strong Reinforced Precast Concrete (Not Plastic – so it wont crack or pop out of the ground)
  • Delivery & Installation of the Sepcon BAF System into the ground by our truck mounted crane.
  • Free On-Site Commissioning of the Sepcon BAF on delivery.
  • Free First Service, 12 months after installation.
  • Free Power Cable from the tank to the House/Garage – 1.5mm SWA 3 Core – 25metres.
  • Free Extra Risers to bring access manholes on the tank to the finished ground level.
  • A Proven & Ultra Reliable System for over 25 years in Ireland.
  • Low Invert from the inlet pipe to the base of the tank – ideal for site with high bedrock.

How it works?

Our systems utilise BAF (Biological Aerated Filter) treatment technology which is industry renowned for its simplicity and high waste water treatment performance. BAF technology is highly effective, economical and extremely reliable as it does not use computers or maintenance intensive components.

In a nutshell, Simple, Economical and Reliable Waste Water Treatment!

Is the Sepcon BAF Certified?

Yes!, our systems are fully certified to EN12566-3 and the new SR66 National Requirements introduced by the NSAI & the Department of Environment, which will come into force on the 1st January 2017.

A copy of the certification can be downloaded in the Technical Specifications section below.

Technical Specifications & Downloads (6 to 12PE)

System Design Population Number of Bedrooms Design Hydraulic Loading Minimum Annual Usage Certification Drawing
6PE 1-4 900 90 Days Download Download
7PE 4-5 1,050 90 Days Download Download
12PE 5-10 1,800 90 Days Download Download

Note: We also provide a range of large BAF systems from 12PE to 500PE, click here for more information.

Why Sepcon BAF?

We know that a waste water treatment system is not going to be on your daily agenda – and why should it be anyway!?

You want to know the sewage systems is working well and not causing hassle. Is that to much to ask? – It can be!

At Sepcon Environmental, we have witnessed various new technologies come and go, with some of the latest systems getting unnecessarily complicated with no performance benefits!

We believe a waste water treatment system should be economical, easy to maintain and reliable. The Sepcon BAF has proven to match our ethos with over 25 years of proven success in Ireland.

Did you know?


The Sepcon BAF System is trusted by Irish homeowners for over 25 years.


European EN12566-3 certification and SR66 National Certification.

Here to Stay

The Sepcon BAF System does NOT use custom made computers that can go out of production over time.

Protecting our Environment

Sepcon BAF Systems across Irelands collectively treat in excess of 1.5 million litres of waste water every day.

Electrical Consumption Compared to the Sepcon BAF

Aquamax by CMD Environmental 91%
Oakstown BAF 82%
Molloy Precast Klaro E 36%
Carlow CCT Biogreen 90%
Biocycle 82%

Energy consumption comparison is based on a typical 4 bedroom dwelling using EN12566-3 & S.R.66:2015 certification published by PIA GMBH as of February 2017

Installation Example Video