Sepcon BAF System Estimate Terms & Conditions

Sepcon undertakes to provide an estimate of potential costs for supply of a domestic BAF sewage treatment system under the following conditions:
1. The estimate generated by using this website is not a binding offer.
2. Sepcon reserves the right to amend the final quotation at any time before delivery of the product/service takes place.
3. You agree to Sepcon or its associated companies contacting you with regard to the estimate generated on this website.
4. The estimate generally includes the following:
• Delivery & installation of the Sepcon BAF by truck mounted crane.
• Commissioning of the tank on site.
• One year service contract from date of delivery.
• Pumped outlet options also include a Lowara pump with a maximum flow rate up to 8.1m3/hour as standard (other Lowara pump flow options are also available by request)
• Power cable from the tank to the House/Garage – 1.5mm SWA 3 Core – (25 Metres Maximum)
• Risers to bring access manholes to the finished ground level. (Maximum depth is 1.2 metres)
5. Estimates generally supplied by Sepcon  do not include the following unless otherwise stated:
• VAT at the applicable rate.
• Verification of the Sepcon BAF system’s suitability for individual sites.
• Excavation of the hole for tank placement.
• Installation of the percolation / polishing filter.
• Extended warranties.
6. Sepcon reserves the right to refuse to supply a binding quotation, product or service at its sole discretion without providing a reason.
7. The customer shall accept the full Conditions of Sale upon ordering any product or service from Sepcon. Copies of the full conditions of sale are available upon receipt of an official order or by request at any time.

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