Sepcon BAF – Warranty Terms and Conditions:
The extended warranty is provided under the following terms and conditions:
The owner means the person or firm that owns or operates the Sepcon BAF system after the delivery date. The delivery date means the date the Sepcon BAF system is delivered to the owner’s site by the distributor. The Sepcon BAF brand and certification holder is Sepcon registered in Ireland. The assembler/distributor in Ireland are Ryan Civil Contracting Limited registered in Ireland.
1. A standard manufacturer’s warranty of 1 year from the date of delivery applies to the Sepcon BAF. The standard manufacturer’s warranty covers the owner for the tank structure and mechanical items inside the Sepcon BAF System.
2. Additionally, on domestic Sepcon BAF Systems with a design population or PE not greater than 7, the manufacturer provides an extended 4 years parts only warranty after year one, providing the owner with 5 years in total parts cover in total from the date of delivery subject to the terms and conditions herein.
3. The date of commissioning or putting the Sepcon BAF into operation sometime after the date of delivery shall not extend any warranty dates.
4. Travel to site and labour is not included in the extended parts warranty and is charged according to normal rates in force at the time.
5. All warranties claims are subject to satisfying the conditions as set out:
5.1 The owner must operate and maintain the Sepcon BAF System in accordance with the owner manual supplied. (If the owner requires a new copy this can be obtained by contacting the distributor)
5.2 The owner must have the Sepcon BAF system mechanically serviced every 12-months by the distributor or in accordance with clause 5.4.
5.3 The owner is responsible for booking in annual servicing.
5.4 The owner may opt to appoint themselves or a suitability trained third-party to conduct the annual servicing at their own risk, subject to notifying the distributor in writing and requesting the service technician documentation required. This documentation will be provided at no charge.
5.5 In the event of a property sale, the current owner shall be responsible for notifying the manufacturer or distributor in writing within 30 days of taking ownership of the Sepcon BAF System to allow the manufacturer to furnish the new owner with a copy of the latest owner’s technical manual and update the warranty record.
5.6 The hydraulic loading and number of bedrooms in the dwelling must not exceed the loading as prescribed in the appropriate building regulations.
5.7 If the owner opts to maintain the streamline BAF themself or by a third party, they must keep full records of all servicing and make them available for inspection by the distributor to process a warranty claim.
6. The manufacturer and distributor provide no warranty for the following items and situations set out herein:
6.1 The percolation area / polishing filter.
6.2 Groundwater ingress into the tank or risers.
6.3 Any pipework or cabling from the dwelling to the Sepcon BAF System.
6.4 Damage or failure of the Sepcon BAF system caused by flooding.
6.5 Damage or failure of the Sepcon BAF System due to an extended power failure.
6.6 Damage or failure of the Sepcon BAF system caused by subsidence or shifting ground conditions.
6.7 Failure by the owner to properly maintain the Sepcon BAF System in accordance with the owner’s technical manual.
6.8 Failure by the owner to produce original records of maintenance by a competent person in accordance with the owner’s technical manual.
6.9 Failure by the owner to desludge or empty the primary chamber of the Sepcon BAF when the sludge level exceeds 500mm in depth.
6.10 Damage or failure of the Sepcon BAF attributed to the presence of FOG’s (Fats, Oil or Grease)
7. The Sepcon BAF system must be paid for in full before any extended warranty claim can be processed.
8. As part of the extended parts warranty, the manufacturer and distributor reserve the right to provide new or previously used parts as replacements.
9. At the request of the manufacturer or distributor, the owner must deliver the faulty part(s) at their own expense using a courier service that provides package tracing to the manufacturers registered office.
10. In the event of a valid claim, within 14 days of receipt of a faulty part it will be either fixed or a replacement part will be returned to the owner at no extra charge.
11. The decision by the manufacturer or distributor is deemed to be final.
12. This extended warranty is provided on all Domestic Sepcon BAF Systems with a population equivalent not greater than 7, delivered between the 1st January 2018 until the 17th April 2024 or until otherwise revoked.
13. These terms and conditions shall supersede the previous extended warranty which was in force between 6th March 2017 and the 31st December 2017 for Sepcon BAF Systems up to 12 population equivalent.
14. This warranty does not affect the owner’s statuary rights and is governed under the laws of the Republic of Ireland