StreamPods Tertiary Treatment Pods

The StreamPods Tertiary Treatment Pods are a true Plug&Play solution. The pods provide an extra level of treatment of the waste water before discharging into the polishing filter and are ideal for areas of sensitive surroundings or sites that require a high level of pre-treatment.

The pods are manufactured using non-degradable filter media ensuring a long lifespan when compared with other tertiary pods on the market.

Included as standard with the StreamPods:

  • Delivery to site
  • Installation into the ground by truck mounted crane
  • Inspection manholes & lids
  • Interconnection pipework
  • StreamPod Tertiary Treatment Filter Pods are highly effective tertiary treatment modules for providing a high level of treatment of the effluent from a traditional secondary treatment system.

Benefits of using StreamPod Tertiary Units

  • The StreamPod Filter is comparatively much quicker to install than other tertiary systems.
  • The pods can be completely covered over with topsoil to blend seamlessly into the landscape.
  • The StreamPod units are a Plug & Play solution – simply place in situ and connect the inlet pipe.
  • All aspects of the StreamPods are contained within a super strong precast concrete vessel.
  • No organic material is used inside the StreamPods, ensuring a long lifespan.
  • StreamPods are ideal for sites with limited space for traditional percolations.
  • Ideal for areas of sensitive surroundings and a requirement for a higher level of treatment.
Design Population Design Hydraulic Loading Number of Modules Drawing
6PE 900 1 Download
9PE 1,050 2 Download
12PE 1,800 3 Download
12PE 1,800 3 Download
15PE 2,250 4 Download
18PE 2,700 5 Download
21PE 3,150 6 Download
24PE 3,600 7 Download

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