Getting your Sepcon BAF Started


Please follow the instructions below BEFORE you put the Sepcon BAF System to work for the first time.

The following guide applies to the following Sepcon BAF System Models:

  • BAF 6 for dwellings with up to 4 bedrooms.
  • BAF 7 for dwellings with up to 5 bedrooms.
  • BAF 12 for dwellings with up to 10 bedrooms.

You can identify the model by checking the Quality Badge which is located inside the green box.

Models pre-2015 and other models to the above require different procedures, call us on 01 9033092

Step 1:

Ensure the Mains Power Cable from the House/Garage is connected into the tank and is wired to the control panel inside the green box by a qualified electrician.

Step 2:

There are Two MCB Trip Switches in the control panel as per the image below.

panel switch

When you are bringing the tank into use for the first time ensure that both MCB’s are in the Upwards / ON position. This can be confirmed by hearing humming noise from the air blower beside the control panel.

NOTE: If the air blower does NOT turn on at this stage – check the mains trip switches inside the house/garage. If all trip switches are on and still no humming – call your electrician to confirm they made the connection.

NOTE: The air blower uses a very small amount of power and must be ON 24 hours a day to ensure the plant is operating at its peak.

Step 3:

Confirm the 6mm black air tube is connected into the side of the control panel as per the image as this can get accidentally disconnected by the electrician when connecting the mains power to the panel.

air hose







NOTE: If the water level in the tank has not reached its Normal Operating Level it is possible that the control panel may beep intermittently. If this happens, simply turn the MCB’s OFF for 24 to 48 hours and reset them back ON. If the beeping continues after this call your service team to discuss.

Step 4:

The Sepcon BAF System must be operated in accordance with the owners technical manual at all times. Ensure you have read and understand content of the Owners Technical Manual, which is provided upon delivery of your Sepcon BAF System. If you require a new copy of this manual simply contact us on 01 9033092 and we will post you a new copy.

Service Period:

We only recommend that you have the system maintained by one of our dedicated on-site service technicians once a year along with general upkeep in accordance with the owners manual to ensure your system is operating to its peak performance.

Detailed Service Records:

We pair service records to the systems unique serial number to ensure a full service history is kept on the system. This record is also available to the homeowner.

To book a service of your streamline BAF System simply fill out the details below or call us on 01 9033092.

Your Sepcon BAF system is specifically designed to be a low maintenance system. In fact the very first system installed over 25 years ago in Co Clare, is still operating as good as it was on the day it was installed, with only general maintenance and well-spaced wear and tear replacements.

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