How to check if your sewage treatment system has a suitable pump for a pressurized percolation


Please follow the instructions below BEFORE you order your Sepcon BAF System to work with a pressurized polishing filter.

All Sepcon BAF System are compatible for use with pressurized polishing filters, however it is important to ensure you order your system with a output flow rate that is compatible.

NOTE: It is the customers sole responsibility to ensure the outlet flow rate is suitable for their percolation. As standard, if you do not specify a specific required rate our pumped outlet BAF6, BAF7, & BAF12 systems provide a maximum of 135Litres/Per Min at 4.5m H. Call for specifications for our larger models.

How to check your existing system:

You can identify the model by checking the Quality Badge which is located inside the green box.


Models pre-2015 and other models to the above require different procedures, call us on 01 9033092

What pump size / flow rate should I use for my percolation? 

This will depend on your site requirements, you should consult your Site Assessor who designed the system for the figures.

What can happen if the pump is not suitable for a pressurized percolation?

It can lead to the pipework blocking as there is not enough pressure and/or flow to ensure the system is dosing the polishing filer evenly and pushing any suspended solid build-up out.

Your Sepcon BAF system is specifically designed to be a low maintenance system. In fact the very first system installed over 25 years ago in Co Clare, is still operating as good as it was on the day it was installed, with only general maintenance and well-spaced wear and tear replacements.

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