Sewage Systems for Drip Irrigation

Sepcon Environmental provide a range of sewage treatment systems specifically designed for use with drip line irrigation.

Why choose a Sepcon SuperDrip System?

Sepcon SuperDrip Systems have all the main drip irrigation components pre-installed within the sewage system which provides the following advantages:

  • Fast and accurate installation – The SuperDrip sewage treatment system typically takes about 2 hours to install compared with a loose installation taking 12 – 14 hours.
  • Dose options can be set to suit individual sites.
  • Plug and play outlet and inlet connections on the tank to and from the drip field.
  • No additional pump chamber required.
  • 27.5 Psi pump fitted as standard
  • 130 micron filter with automatic cleaning and back-washing as standard.
  • Automatic drip field flushing as standard.
  • Automatic drip field draining for frost protection.

Simply Connect the SuperDrip to your drip field and Turn On!

About Drip Systems

Drip irrigation is an efficient method of distributing waste water to infiltration areas, especially on sites with poor soakage. It allows effluent to be dispersed into the biologically active soil zones below the sod surface. Drip irrigation systems are now acceptable in Ireland under the new EPA code of practice and have a distinct advantage on site with limited soakage.

Available Models under EN12566-3 and S.R.66:2015 Standards

System Model Design Population Range Min Drip Field Daily Output Max Drip Field Daily Output EN12566-3 and S.R.66 Certified
BAF8 SuperDrip 4PE to 8PE 600 Litres 1200 Litres Yes
BAF12 SuperDrip 9PE to 12PE 1350 Litres 1800 Litres Yes
BAF20 SuperDrip 13PE to 20PE 1950 Litres 3000 Litres Yes
BAF28 SuperDrip 21PE to 28PE 3150 Litres 4200 Litres Yes
BAF38 SuperDrip 29PE to 38PE 4350 Litres 5700 Litres Yes
BAF48 SuperDrip 39PE to 48PE 5850 Litres 7200 Litres Yes

Typical Drip System Layout

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